Learning About Auto Service and Repairs

3 Things To Consider Before Lifting Your Car

03 Jan

If you really want to personalize your car, make it your own, and make it stand out, you can purchase a lift kit for your car. Here are a few things you need to consider before you purchase a lift kit for your vehicle. There Are Two Primary Types Of Lift Kits The first thing […]

Winter Tires Versus All-Season Tires

09 Nov

Fall is not just a time to enjoy running around in costume or plan a Thanksgiving feast. It is also a time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter months. Aside from oil changes and tune-ups, something to consider is whether or not to change to winter or all-season tires. Here are a few […]

How To Replace Wiper Blades Correctly

04 Nov

Windshield wipers are the first line of defense when it comes to clearing the windshield from the elements to ensure good driver visibility. Without a good pair of windshield wipers to clear the snow and the rain off the windshield, the driver would not be able to see the road or drive safely. Over time […]