How To Replace Wiper Blades Correctly

Windshield wipers are the first line of defense when it comes to clearing the windshield from the elements to ensure good driver visibility. Without a good pair of windshield wipers to clear the snow and the rain off the windshield, the driver would not be able to see the road or drive safely. Over time windshield wipers can get worn down and will stop working effectively. A worn blade will smear the windshield rather than clean the surface area. When a blade is worn down, it needs to be replaced immediately before you drive again. Here is a simple list of instructions that will show you how to change a windshield wiper blade.

1 - Start by removing the old worn-down wiper blade by pressing the tab that connects the wiper to the arm attached the car. When you press the tab the blade should disconnect from the arm and slide off.

2 - Repeat the process on the other wiper blade to remove both blades before proceeding to the next step.

3 - Make sure that you have purchased the correct set of replacement blades that match the old ones in size. You can take the old blade and measure it along the edge of the new replacement blades. If you have any trouble finding the correct size, you should consult with your local auto parts dealer with the make and model of your vehicle to find the proper replacement blades.

4 - Start attaching the replacement blades to the metal arm of the car by lining them up and hooking the plastic clip onto the metal arm. Make sure you pull the blade tight. You should hear it click into place to let you know that the blade is secure.

5 - Repeat the assembly process of the wiper blades on the opposite side to make sure you have two working blades.

6 - Check to make sure that the tab has locked it into place and the blades are working by turning them on. Spray windshield wiper fluid over the windshield and turn the blades on to clear the fluid. If the blades don't clear the fluid then it could be a sign that you installed them incorrectly or did not buy the correct type of replacement blades.

If you cannot put the replacement blades onto your car, then you can take your car into a local auto parts dealers or mechanic's garage, such as the North York auto shop, and have them swap out the blades for a modest fee.