Winter Tires Versus All-Season Tires

Fall is not just a time to enjoy running around in costume or plan a Thanksgiving feast. It is also a time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter months. Aside from oil changes and tune-ups, something to consider is whether or not to change to winter or all-season tires. Here are a few useful tips to help you decide which set of tires will best work for you and your vehicle.

Three Things Your Auto Engine Oil's Number Is Trying To Tell You

The string of numbers and letters used to describe each type of engine oil isn't too long, but is nonetheless confusing if you don't know exactly what each number and letter stands for. Here are three things the number tells you about the oil you're putting in your vehicle. 1. Whether it's designed to function in various temperatures. If your oil number has two parts separated by a hyphen, one of which has a W in it, that means your oil has different thicknesses at different operating temperatures.

How To Replace Wiper Blades Correctly

Windshield wipers are the first line of defense when it comes to clearing the windshield from the elements to ensure good driver visibility. Without a good pair of windshield wipers to clear the snow and the rain off the windshield, the driver would not be able to see the road or drive safely. Over time windshield wipers can get worn down and will stop working effectively. A worn blade will smear the windshield rather than clean the surface area.